Intuitive Guidance

What are your subtle energy bodies revealing about your relationships, career, hopes and dreams? Would you like to gain insight into your experiences and/or make some changes?


Barbara Joyce Reed, M.. Ed, has been working as an intuitive counselor for over 2 decades. She uses her gift of channeling to help people hear their inner guides and selves. Psychic abilities are a natural functioning of the intuitive side of the brain or right brain thinking.   The intuitive mind expresses itself through models that transcend dual thinking and include our experiences of inspiration, creativity, beauty, grace etc.  Channeling is a function of the intuitive mind and is an opportunity to experience and communicate with an expanded viewpoint and energy that typically presents as a non-physical being or group of beings referred to as “Guides”.  Their role is to guide and teach those of us on the earthly, material plane. They help us to understand an expanded meaning behind the events of our lives, our relationships, struggles and successes as well as barriers. They also exist to expose us to other possibilities and perspectives, encouraging us to grow personally and spiritually, helping us to remember who we really are. An Intuitive Reading can help you explore the energy surrounding you, gain an understanding of your life and suggest ways to make desired changes.  

75 min | $85

"At times in my life when I felt lost and in need of guidance, having an intuitive reading with Barbara-Joyce would bring insight and self-awareness. This gave me courage to be open to the unfoldment of my life with hope, excitement and anticipation.”

-Norm H. 

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