Ongoing Classes

 Drop-in: $15

First month unlimited: $40

Monthly unlimited: $100

Ten Class Pass: $120

 Drop-in: $12

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is an open studio to settle into stillness preluding the flow of asana class. Present practitioners may quietly sit, stretch on their mats, or join in a healing mantra circle chanting sanskrit to awaken latent liberations. The mantras unlock stuck vibrations of light and sound in the body simply be being present to or participating in the recitation. Stepping into yoga poses from this deep seat is quintessential to the pinnacle shakti flow yoga experience. If you sit in the circle you will inevitably learn sanskrit at least well enough to chant it.

Shakti Flow Yoga

All-levels shakti flow yoga classes focus on the union of breath with movement and the relationship between stillness and flow. Practitioners are encouraged to allow the internal flows of energy, stoked by the movement of the body, to inform the authenticity of the alignment of the poses. Shakti flow yoga lineage teachings are experienced through asana, meditation, mantra, and pranayama practices. Appropriate for all levels of experience, some familiarity with flow yoga through beginner classes is recommended.

Gentle Flow Yoga with Props

Join Physical Therapist and Shakti flow yoga guide Liesl Hasenfuss on Monday evenings for adventures in embodied anatomy. We will use props such as Yoga Tune-up Balls to release the grip of fascia/ connective tissue for freer movement and decreased pain. We will enjoy prolonged supported stretching with blocks, bolsters, straps etc. to enhance the experience of this meditative anatomy focused yoga experience. There is also an active component to the class focusing on accurate engagement and more balanced movement patterns. Access your inner wisdom through these slow and intelligent guided movement meditations. Suitable for beginners, all levels welcome.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong exercises are used in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts to integrate mind, body, and breath while strengthening the body both energetically and physically in a balanced manner. Similar to the movements of Tai Chi, Qi Gong exercises are usually done in a slow controlled manner, coordinating the movements with the movement of the breath.

Qi Gong class will consist of a brief seated warm-up followed by a series of postures and movements. These powerful movements relieve stress and are very effective for those who are chronically fatigued
or have issues which prevent them from doing strenuous physical exercise. The goal of the class is to expose students to a variety of classical Qi Gong exercises and identify which postures work best for
them, so they may develop their own personal practice.

Kung Fu Fundamentals

Known colloquially as “Kung Fu”, Chinese martial arts have been around for thousands of years and are renowned for their effectiveness in developing whole-body strength and conditioning. Learn and explore the powerful fundamental exercises behind these arts which not only develop physical strength, but cultivate mental fortitude, confidence, concentration, and inner stillness which can completely transform your life. Cross-training in Kung Fu is also extremely effective for athletes looking to increase focus, balance, tendon strength, and overall performance in any given sport.

The Kung Fu Fundamentals class consists of basic techniques and foundational exercises common to nearly all Chinese martial arts; traditional stance training, northern-style long fist exercises, partner drills, and weapons training for strength and mobility. Kung Fu is traditionally practiced early in the morning when the body is fully rested and in a relaxed state. All ages and experience levels
are welcome and the first class is always free.


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