Simply Indulgent:

Enjoy a therapeutic, herbal and epsom salt foot soak, while having your neck, shoulders, and hands massaged.  After this indulgent upper body massage, receive a decadent foot massage that will leave you wanting more.  

30 minutes $40

Grigorian® Spa Reflexology
Discover the hidden secret of nature’s way of healing through the application of fruits, vegetables and organic products to the feet, hands and face. Pressures applied to the nerve endings stimulate change in other parts of your body.

60 min $75

Enjoy a therapeutic foot rub while receiving a Polarity Reflexology session. You'll be amazed at how the foot reflects your body.

$60 1 hour


Caring for nails & cuticles with application of lotion and polish

45 min/$40

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Feet treats

Massage in Concord

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51 S. Main St. Concord, NH