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Craniosacral Therapy
Deeply relaxing and calming therapy that is used to balance the spinal fluid, bring the body into balance, relieve cranial pressure, open diaphragms, align the body, and calm the system.
$75 1 Hour

Heart Awakening:

Founder Peter Stekl is joyful for the opportunity to offer the benefits of his life’s work, which culminated in Alchemy of Grace, to all in need. People from all walks of life – all of whom know themselves to be here to fulfill their part of the Divine Plan, regardless of their individual belief system – are welcome to receive effective and comprehensive healing for most physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problems they face, and from there to move forward into self-sufficiency. Alchemy of Grace is an individual spiritual healing modality involving a unique combination of intuitive counseling, energy work, and a deep soul-inspiring opening of the heart. Individual sessions are available in person and by phone and are paid by donation

                                                     Donation only

Usui Reiki is a form of energetic bodywork that operates by directing Divine healing to the body, mind, spirit and heart. A Japanese method of energy healing, Reiki balances and heals a person's energy or Chi. The Ki in Reiki flows through us and when imbalanced or low can cause illness on a variety of levels. A Reiki practitioner, by using gentle touch and hand movements in order to increase the life force energy, can facilitate healing safely and joyfully both in themselves and others.
$75 1 Hour

Polarity Therapy:
Bring balance using trigger points, energy currents, positive, negative, and neutral points in the body. Communication works to help you hear your own words and find relationship to yourself and what you feel in your body. A variety of exercises will help release any energy blocks. Finally a nutrition plan will help bring your body back into balance.  

$75 1 Hour  

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Energy Bodywork

Massage in Concord


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