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The Ancient Art of Ear Coning
A technique that utilizes a long, tapered cone that is inserted into the ear and lit. And before you say no, the flame does not get too close to your head. Ear coning is used to remove excess wax and toxins from the inside of the ears and Eustachian tubes. The Eustachian tubes is one of the drains of the lymphatic system, which  has the daily job of cleaning your blood. 1 in 20 times is the blocked feeling related to an accumulation of ear wax, but related to Eustachian ash or the residue from the lymphatic system which frequently blocks the tubes. The process creates a vacuum like-suction in the cone from the wax burning, which pulls out the debris and removes pressure. During the procedure, many hear a cracking and popping as the candle is burned and the ear wax is being pulled out. After, many experience improvement in hearing, as well as a decrease in sinus headaches.
$70 per treatment

Hot Stone Body Wrap: 

Starting with a Full Body Exfoliation using a Ground Flax Seed and Herb Blend and a comforting application of Skin Nourishing Oil.  Then relax while wrapped in a veil of Hot Stones.  Finishing with a soothing facial massage. 75 min/$85

Salt Glo: 

Full body exfoliation with essential oils blended into a carrier oil and Dead Sea salt.  Stimulates circulation leaving your skin with a soft, silky glow.            

45 min/$50

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Body Treatments

Massage in Concord

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 Aromatherapy Body Wrap: 
More than a luxury, these wraps are for your health. Coconut oil and essential oils are custom blended and applied with gentle movements to promote lymphatic drainage and balance the nervous system. Lay wrapped in layers of warmth on our Biomat to enhance this specialized treatment. Choose which wrap is right for you. $55 45 Min
Choose From:
-Blissful Blend Body Wrap elevates and uplifts with bergamot, cassia, lavender, and wild orange.
-Calming Blend Body Wrap reduces stress and promotes grounding and rest with lavender, lemongrass, clary sage, and cedar wood
-Energizing Blend Body Wrap refreshes the senses and improves mental clarity with rosemary, lavender, and lime.

-Soothing Blend Body Wrap gently lessens and relieves pain with wintergreen, black pepper, and white fir.

Add a mini foot reflexology massage- $20.00

Add a half hour massage- $35.00

Add an hour Swedish massage- $55.00

Herbal Body Wrap: 

You’ll be cocooned in herb infused linens while enjoying a pressure point facial massage. A great way to relax and destress. 60 min/$70