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Achieving health and longevity through the art of daily living.

A healthy and happy body, mind, and spirit doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Knowing your own body and what makes you YOU gives you clues on how you can obtain and maintain health, joy, and balance in your life. Susan Morgan, LMT, will work with you to uncover your needs and together you will develop a plan that will fit into your busy life. Each client is met where they are, without judgment, identifying the types of diet and lifestyle that will put you (or keep you) on the path to your most fulfilling life. Ayurveda is a rich and thorough system of medicine addressing chronic issues and the prevention of them. Its many branches include traditional treatments, herbs, diet and lifestyle. After years of Ayurvedic study and practice, Sue has chosen to specialize in consultations and treatments. Having lived with chronic physical pain, she understands it is difficult to focus on anything else while in pain.  

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​603-225-5554 ​ |  51 S. Main St, Concord, NH

Open by appointment only  |  Walk-ins welcome when available

Ayurvedic Consultation   |   $125

​​From an ayurvedic consultation you gain knowledge about YOUR unique body that you will carry with you throughout your lifetime. You will recognize signs and symptoms of when you begin to go out of balance and the knowledge of what you can do to bring it back before it turns into illness and disease. We will determine what your constitution is,  if you have any imbalances and how you can get back to (and stay) balanced and healthy. An intake form is emailed to you before the consultation. An exam and interview based on the intake form is done on the day of the consultation and a complete recommendation packet is sent you within a day or two.


Abhyanga   |   60 min $95   |   90 min $110                                                                 
Abhyanga is an herbalized warm oil massage using oils specifically selected for your needs. It is a beautifully warming and rejuvenating massage that stimulates arterial and lymphatic circulation while revitalizing your body. 

Udvartana   |   70 min $95
Udvartana is a deeply penetrating herbal paste lymphatic treatment. You will be scrubbed with the paste on all sides of your body. This treatment is exfoliating and conditioning to the skin as well as a deeply cleansing treatment which presses stagnant lymphatic toxins out of the body good for weight loss, cellulite and stimulating sluggish circulation and digestion. 

Vishesh   |   $85
Vigorous rhythmic massage using herbalized oil to treat current imbalances. Breaks up adhesions and improves circulation deep within the muscle spindles. Invigorating massage with deeply relaxing results. 

Abhyanga/Nasya   |   30 min $65
This treatment is a head, neck, and face treatment that stimulates the lymph in the head and helps drain the sinuses. Eucalyptus steam is administered along with medicated nose drops. Great for those who suffer from allergies, headaches, migraines, or congestion. 

Basti Treatments (for specific issues)   |   30 min $60
Kati Basti - medicated warm oil applied to the sacral/lumbar region
Griva Basti - medicated warm oil applied to the cervical region
Janu Basti - medicated warm oil applied to the knee joints
Uro Basti - medicated warm oil applied to the chest region
Netra Basti - medicated ghee applied to the eyes.