Kym Feltovic, LMT

​Kym's technique is a blend of deep tissue sculpting and firm massage that reaches the heart of the muscles. Her practical experience working with a wide variety of clients including athletes, physical laborers, musicians, people who spend long days seated at a computer, pregnant women and new mothers (as a doula, massage therapist, and midwife's apprentice), combined with a unique empathic and intuitive sense make for a thorough and therapeutic treatment that leaves one feeling balanced, relaxed, and invigorated. She is also skilled at working with injuries, long-term pain, inflexibility, chronic tension, and improved recovery from intense weight training and physical challenge. Kym views and practices massage as a healing art, a practical skill, and an authentic form of communication which accesses and incorporates all aspects of a person simultaneously. She brings confidence, groundedness, full presence, and a sense of fun to her work.

Ray Conner, LMT   |   Co-owner


Ray Conner offers deep tissue massage that combines anatomical understanding with intuitive exploration. Sessions are tailored to the clients' unique physical and emotional needs. Ray works with her clients to explore the root causes and patterns of discomfort and designs and implements a clear course to relief through a combination of tender touch and strong strokes. She has real healing hands. Her presence and compassion are natural and full.

Sharon McBrearty, LMT

Sharon is a talented Sports Massage and Deep Tissue therapist. She has been practicing for 4 years and has quickly established a loyal following. She graduated from the North East Institute of Whole Health in 2011 and uses the Gregorian Method of massage. This method involves stretching and trigger point release. She is a master at chair massage and will leave you wanting to book an hour with her. Sharon is also an avid skier and just loves getting out on the slopes.

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Originally opened in 2006, All Elements Healing now has new ownership since summer of 2017! Ray Conner and Kristin Ingold are delighted to be working together to create the healing center they've both dreamed of. Both licensed massage therapists, community builders, singers and women of great vision, Ray and Kristin hope to contribute a truly special place of health and nourishment to downtown Concord with a commitment to wellness that is empowering and rejuvenating. They take pride in their amazing therapists and practitioners and bring fresh vision to the All Elements Healing space. 

Patricia Garcia, LMT


Patricia is an experienced massage practitioner who has been practicing massage for almost 30 years. She specializes in Osteopathic Bodywork, Medical Massage, Homeopathic Bodywork, Positional Release techniques. Patricia is able to work on her clients clothed as well as unclothed and her techniques do not require oil. These are great for those who would prefer to stay clothed or have sensitivities to oils.  She has helped numerous people recover from injuries, aches, and pains. Patricia has also been featured in an article on the benefits of massage. Her gentle touch with experience will help you to live a pain free life.

Ben Bynum, Reiki Master


Ben started receiving Reiki treatments 20 years ago. Because of the ways it helped him, he eventually decided to listen to his intuition and become a Reiki practitioner himself.  He received his Usui Reiki I with Diane Gelinas in 2008 and Reiki II with her in 2009. His training continued with Deb England and received his Reiki III and Master level. He continues to expand his abilities by helping teach Reiki classes with Deb England and working with her as a team on patients with great results. Ben is personally mindful of how nutrition, the environment and the challenges of everyday life affect us all. Ben’s calmness and surety comes from his intentional living. His other interests are drumming with a West African drumming ensemble and whenever he can, seeing the world from the pilot's seat of a cockpit.


All Elements Healing LLC

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Susan Morgan, LMT, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Susan Morgan is a graduate of Kripalu School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma program with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico.  She is a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA).  Sue is a MA and NH Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist and Body worker with specialties in Ayurvedic, Holistic and Therapeutic Treatments and a member of the Association of Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals.  Susan is also a certified Life and Small Business Coach having graduated from Coach U in 2006. Ayurveda is a rich and thorough system of medicine with many branches. After years of Ayurvedic study and practice, Susan has chosen to specialize in consultations and treatments.  Having lived with chronic physical pain, she understands it is difficult to focus on anything else while in pain.  Ayurvedic treatments, herbs/diet and lifestyle can address chronic issues as well as prevent them. After many years in the corporate business world, Susan began her journey in the world of natural medicine after being diagnosed with a painful and incurable disease in 2003. She was prescribed medication that left her barely functional and refused to believe that this was how she would live the rest of her life so she began to research alternative medicine.  She discovered Ayurveda and its beautifully natural simplicity and by incorporating Ayurvedic lifestyle principles, she now leads a physically, mentally and spiritually joyful life.  Sue now looks at this event in her life as a gift, one that led her to living and sharing Ayurveda with others.  In addition to her work, Sue is the MA, NH and VT Commissioner of Scots Clan Farquharson USA.


Kristin Ingold, LMT, Reiki Master   |   Co-owner


Kristin began her healing arts journey when she discovered Reiki while in college. She knew from then on she wanted to serve her community with such healing work, and went on to graduate from The World School of Massage in California, in 2006. Her style of bodywork is intuitive, calming, and deeply focused on balancing the life force energy (or chi) of her clients. She brings a light-hearted and respectful presence to her time with clients, in a judgement-free, safe space of sanctuary. During sessions, she offers energy and massage therapy, aromatherapy and guided visualization, depending on the interest of the client and her intuition of what is needed. In addition to the healing arts, Kristin is also a professional artist, facilitates healing song circles and volunteers with hospice. 

Kasia Weglarz, L.Ac., M.A.O.M., Dipl. OM

Kasia was always drawn to healing as a profession, but she knew intuitively that a strictly conventional medical approach was inadequate to achieve true wellness. After her first acupuncture treatment, she felt called to study and practice alternative medicine. She received her Masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2005. Kasia has been a student of spirituality in various forms for many years and has always been fascinated by the subconscious mind and the role it plays in our lives and especially in health challenges. After discovering Marisa Peer and her phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy, she knew she had to study and use this technique to get to the source of her clients’ health issues and emotional challenges. She has been thrilled and amazed by the results she has seen using this exceptional therapy, as have her clients! She is so excited to share this extraordinarily effective and rapid technique with everyone! In her free time she loves to rock climb at all the wonderful cliffs around New Hampshire.

Lou Schuller, LMT

Lou found her passion for giving massage to others after receiving her first massage 20 years ago.  Graduating from North East Institute of Whole Health in 1998, she went on to make massage and organic farming a dual career. She brings a steady and caring presence to each session, choosing touch that fits the unique needs of each person on any given day. She uses a wide variety of means to help people achieve relaxation and pain relief including deep tissue and stretching; trigger point; relaxation; energy work; prenatal; and adaptive massage for elderly, chronically ill or disabled people. Lou highly values the importance of listening closely to her clients, both in what they tell her and what information she gets through touch. Part of her work involves helping people learn how to maximize the effects of massage both during and after their sessions.

Christine Fletcher, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Christine Fletcher is a certified holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  She is passionate about integrating and nurturing all aspects of life to achieve balance.  Annapurna Holistic Health Coaching’s mission is to do just that by helping clients to understand that our well-being is influenced by our genetics, experiences, and choices.  Once that is realized, the client is empowered to delve deeper into their individualized health regimen to optimize their health and increase their capacity for peace and joy.  Annapurna, the goddess of nourishment, symbolizes complete satiety of being.  Together, we will set realistic goals, form new habits, and begin a journey of lifelong self-discovery.  Each client’s program will be tailored specifically for their health transformation, as Christine draws from a variety of skills and healing modalities.  Sessions could include a private cooking class, a health food or grocery store visit, guided meditation and mantra, outdoor exercise, yoga, and more.

Michelle Richmond, LMT


After 15 years as a dental assistant, Michelle returned to school and became a massage therapist. She graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts located in Hudson, NH in 2010. In 2011 she became Nationally Certified and relocated to Texas.  While in Texas, she expanded her knowledge in corrective massage techniques by working in a pain management clinic alongside other massage therapists who generously shared their knowledge. She has also worked in a salon setting performing relaxation massage and giving spa treatments. Michelle returned to New Hampshire in December of 2012. She has been studying to be a Doula and is also certified in pregnancy massage. Her goal is to help people achieve overall health and wellness. She specializes in deep tissue and trigger point release while utilizing corrective massage techniques. She also enjoys giving relaxation treatments such as hot stone massage, Swedish, body wraps, and body scrubs. Michelle continues to feed her passion and is continuing her education to add to her repertoire of massage techniques.

Barbara-Joyce Reed, M.Ed


Barbara-Joyce has been channeling privately and publicly for over 2 decades.  Her interest in metaphysics,psychology, and philosophy has continued throughout her adult life, but began as a young child.  Her training has included graduate study in counseling, Dimensional Mind Approach, Silva Mind Control, Holistic Breathing, Neurolinguistic Programming, Tai Chi, Reiki, Self-Awareness, Journaling, Soundbalancing and Shamanic energy techniques. Barbara-Joyce is a graduate of the University of NH, from which she holds  a Masters of Education in Counseling degree.  She has worked as a human services administrator and advocate for over 30 years.  During this time she also managed a part-time intuitive counseling practice, conducting private sessions, groups and workshops related to the paranormal and spirituality. She is the mother of 2 children and lives in Central New Hampshire.